How to: Coffee-Stained iPad Smart Cover

Simeon from Two Lives Left just snagged a new iPad 3, and with it, a warm leather smart cover. He says, “I’m not too careful with my cover. I chose the leather cover thinking the more scuffed and damaged it got, the better. I wanted it to look worn. Unfortunately after only two weeks of use it did start to look worn — on one side only.”

The asymmetry simply wouldn’t do for Simeon, so he decided to give his leather the worn-in look he was hoping it’d develop. So, he stained it. With coffee.   He began by brushing the leather with a fresh double shot of espresso, then dabbing off the excess with a paper towel. After a few more coats, he scrubbed it gently with an old tea towel, and then finished with a final coat of dried coffee grounds, which he scrubbed in with his fingers for lots of variation. 

Get the full instructions on Two Lives Left: The Case of the Coffee Smart Cover 
[via The Verge]