How to: Make a DIY Woodgrain Laptop Skin

I’m always a fan of the interaction between nature and technology…and nothing quite captures that interaction like an attempt to warm up the sleek designs of tech gear with a little warmth from the natural world: like my own project the tree branch iPhone dock or the tree limb magnets for your sleek kitchen appliances, or this great handmade wooden iPod.  

So, I think this very inexpensive technique for creating a woodgrain skin for your laptop is pretty top notch. Of course, the shape is rather complex, so a full coverage is a bit more difficult, but I bet with careful measuring and cutting, you could create a template to cover the entire case.

And while you have the woodgrain contact paper and the Xacto knife out, go ahead and whip up a skin for your iPhone or iPad, as well as a tongue-in-cheek bit of masculine decor!

DIY Woodgrain Laptop Wrap

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