Mar 19, 2012

Red Hong's Coffee Cup Ring Drawings

Shanghai artist "Red" Hong Yi, enjoys finding all sorts of interesting ways to draw...without any traditional drawing utensils. She previously created a portrait of NBA icon Yao Ming by bouncing a basketball dipped in paint, and recently perfected a means of using the rings left by a coffee mug.

The results are incredibly detailed, and her ability to find contrast in the color values and intensity is amazing:  

She says, "Quite a tricky medium to use...Too much water and the rings wouldn't form easily, very little water and you'd have to be precise with where you place the cup coz the rings would pretty much be permanent."

Red Hong's No Utensil Drawing Skills [Core77]




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Duh on Mar 20, 2012:

@Saffron, are you high? The 'final work' is right at the bottom of the post! Scroll down.

Saffron on Mar 19, 2012:

I have always been a fan of coffee cup art, it would be nice if there was an image of the final work.. guess I'll have to get my lazy fingers to type some stuff in google huh?