7 Things Guys Don’t Know About Their Skin

For three years, grades K-2, I got away with it. At least weekly, I’d come up behind my friend Zach and whisper, “You’re epidermis is showing.” He’d become frazzled, and run to the bathroom. He tried to ask his parents what-in-the-world I was talking about, but he could never remember the actual Greek word once he got home. And I guess they weren’t hip enough to know the joke setup.   Now, to the serious part: it’s your bodies largest organ, and you’ve got to take care of it. Especially if you spend any significant time outside for work, exercise, or leisure, it’s essential that you care for your skin like you care for the rest of your parts.

Online men’s magazine Primer invited dermatologist Dr. Jeffery Benabio MD to share seven facts about your skin that you probably didn’t know, and definitely wanna keep in mind. It’s definitely worth three minutes of your time.

From the Dermatologist: 7 Things Guys Don’t Know About Their Skin