How to: Make Your Own Suspenders

created at: 03/01/2012

As the editor of a male-oriented blog, I often get asked about my opinions on manly things, like how I feel about backwards baseball caps, or whether anyone should still have a goatee in 2012. (For the record: Against and absolutely not, respectively.)

Often, those questions bring up classic fashion items that are seeing a comeback, such as the bowtie, or suspenders. And in short? I’m for ’em.  And I’m especially for handmade suspenders, because they’re 1) super simple to make, and 2) designed just for ones particular torso, meaning they can hold up your pants at just the right height without any need for those little adjustable metal clasps that distract from the sleek look of the braces.

Plus, the materials cost only about 25% of the purchase price, and take less than thirty minutes to assemble. Win win.

Kinsey from A Beautiful Mess offers some very easy to follow instructions, so grab some elastic and get sewing!

Stitch Your Own Suspenders