How to: Make Bacon S’Mores (No Campfire Necessary)

To be filed in your “Why didn’t I think of that?” pile, two words:

Bacon. S’mores. 

Yes, of course. The smokiness of bacon echoes the campfire without needing hot coals, the salty/sweet combo, the textural contrast of something chewy mixed with melty chocolate, fluffy ‘shmallows, and crunchy crackers. Yeah, yeah, it’s got it all, and we’re jealous we didn’t think of it.

But Tastespotting did, and the world is better for it. And if that’s not enough, they even show you how to create your own pig-shaped graham crackers to really embrace the experience.

We know there is nothing innovative about combining crispy, salty, fatty bacon with the contrasting sweetness of chocolate, and we’ve been seeing a l’more (“lot more?”) s’mores than we’ve ever seen b’fore… S’mores are exactly that easy — adding a few strips of crisp, cooked bacon to the graham crackers, melting chocolate and sticky, soft marshmallows toasted over a campfire (or an indoor “campfire” aka the gas flame on our stovetop). Because there’s bacon, we used little “housemade” graham crackers in the shape of pigs.

For bonus points, whip up your own homemade marshmallows, and for the supe overacheivers, cure and smoke your own bacon. (No recipe yet…but it’s coming. This summer. Oh boy, is it coming…)

Bacon S’mores {how-to} – More S’more than Ever B’fore