How to: Make a Leather Lunch Tote

Quick story…which I’ve probably already told somewhere on ManMade before, but I can’t seem to find it.

I packed my lunch every day when in school, from first grade to my final senior exams. Well, rather, my dad packed my lunch for me. It was something we shared, and one of the greatest gifts my father ever gave me. In elementary, I was one of only four or five kids who got to line up early because we weren’t lunch ticket users. The “packers” always got teased for some reason (kids are weird), but I also felt kinda cool and special.

He and I were always quite different, but I remember opening the fridge every morning to see a brown bag, often with a little note on a napkin or drawn on the paper itself. It embarassed me a little once I got to be in high school, but I looked forward to the message days most. Even telling that story in those few sentences, I still get a little touched.

So, anyways, I’m a big fan of the packed lunch. I still do it on days I work outside of my home workspace, and it’s always the highlight of the day.

The good memories, tasty treats, and the nutrients are about as good as a bagged lunch can get…unless, of course, you’ve made your own, custom leather lunch tote.

Matt from Wood & Faulk busted out his leather punch and waxed thread to whip up this classic, masculine design that’ll last for years…perhaps another thirteen years of lunches.

Thanks, Dad.

Get the instructions link and template at Wood & Faulk