Blow My Mindsday: February 22, 2012

Each Wednesday, I post some of my favorite can’t-miss links, images, and otherwise mindblowing goodies from across the web.

Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor (you know…”the bean” in Chicago) is one of the U.S.’s most recognizable and beloved public art installations. Currently, Chicago-based design firm LuftWerk “have capitalized on the sculpture’s reflective properties by turning it into a canvas for a choreographed light show titled Luminous Field.”   

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2000 cigarette lighters from the shorelines of New York City, documented, photographed and mapped them.”

created at: 02/22/2012

Last night, I ate turtle for the first time, in soup. It was pretty mild, and substantially tasty. Suprisingly, it’s more like beef than like seafood or chicken. I did a bit of research today, and it’s not so sustainable and harvesting is kinda problematic, so I won’t be learning how to make it at home, but it was fun to try once.

Also, sorry for the poor photo. Bad restaurant lighting, taken with phone. Though I like that it kinda looks like a 70s cookbook that you’ll find in the 25¢ sale section at the Friends of the Library sale.

Cool colors and fun editing in this awesome music video by Expialidocious

Break-off soap by Dave Hakkens