How to: Stamp Your Own Message on Conversation Hearts

Unless your seven years old, and presenting a gift to that classmate you have a crush on, you not gonna get away with a generic box o’ candy this year. (If you are seven years old and giving candy to a crush, you’re a total stud, and thanks for reading ManMade).

But playing with the classic treat and getting a personalized message with a handmade custom set of conversation hearts? It can get no better.   The trick lies in a custom return stamp set from the office supply store, which can be reconfigured to ink any number of sayings, and food safe markers, which you can find at the grocery store.

created at: 02/13/2012

created at: 02/13/2012

Windell and Lenore from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have pulled this off amazingly with their chosen tech and geek leaning phrases (LEDs I get, but FSM?) but the options are totally endless.

You can grab an address stamp on your way home, and have this accomplished in plenty of time before tomorrow. Go to it!

Conversation Hearts: Stamp Your Own Messages