Nerd Valentine: Thoughtful Gifts You Actually Wanna Give and Get

created at: 02/07/2012

It’s full on February, which means it’s time for Nerd Valentine, the best curated V-Day site on the internet.

Over the next week, every blog and their brother will post a roundup of Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and they’ll likely not include a single thing you’d be proud enough to give, or interested in recieving, or buying for yourself cause that’s what you do on Valentine’s Day, cause why should only the partnered people get to have all the fun.   Enter Nerd Valentine. It’s a simple site with a simple mission – share cool stuff to give cool people for Valentine’s Day, curated by Magenta Labs. Yeah, they lean towards the geeky/nerdy/tech approach, but the collection is much more rich than that.

Nerd Valentine