“Big Lebowski” Prints that Will ‘Really Tie the Room Together’

created at: 02/01/2012

There are few, if any, movies that I have seen more than The Big Lebowski. Seriously, it was basically played on a loop all four years I was in college. For me, it’s really the defining film of my generation. Or at least my coming of age years.

Etsy seller Visual Etiquette has created an expansive series of prints based on quotes and scenes from the movie that will “really tie your room together”.  

This one is my personal favorite…based on a rather esoteric quote from the movie, but absolutely awesome for anyone that gets the reference.created at: 02/01/2012

created at: 02/01/2012

Check out Visual Etiquette’s Etsy shop to see more ‘Big Lebowski’ posters