How to: Add a Refined Touch to a Bachelor Pad

The bachelor pad. That quintessential moment of adulthood. That space inhabited when one truly learns what being a grown up is like, and prepares for the eventual sharing of a home. Or perhaps it actually serves the pinnacle environment, where living alone as an adult man is the best fulfillment of identity.

Either way… it can’t look like your college dorm room. Step it up a notch, guy.  

The folks at EveryGuyed have begun a new series of “room-by-room tips on how to turn your bachelor pad into the home of a sophisticated gentleman.” They’re not arguing that, “moving in to your first place means it’s time to give up souvenirs of your adolescence, packing them away in the confines of your parent’s attic only to gather dust. What we’re saying is that as you mature as a man, your living space must mature as well. There are easy and affordable ways to display your interests and ‘MANorabilia’ in a creative and refined manner, shedding a positive light on the qualities that define you.”

The first installment explores that all-important space: the entryway, what’s seen as soon as you enter, or invite someone, into your home.

This is shaping up to be quite a helpful adventure. Subscription recommended.

How to: Add a Refined Touch to a Bachelor Pad