How To: Make an Urban Camouflage iPad Case from a Composition Notebook

created at: 04/07/2010

If I bought a $600 gadget with a giant glass screen that’s intended to be mobile, I’d wanna protect it, and do so in way that doesn’t scream “I just bought a $600 gadget with a…etc, etc”

And so did Matt Silver, so he whipped up this gem: a simple, low-cost iPad case made from a recycled composisiton notebook.Matt doesn’t provide a step-by-step, but I think I’ve figured it out.

Just use a utlity knife to remove the pages, and glue a piece of non-stick rug padding or shelf liner to at least the back cover, though Im thinking a piece would work well on the front as well to add some traction.

I’d also add a bit of elastic strap – a vertical piece a la a Moleskine, and perhaps a horizontal one as well –  to make sure it doesn’t slip out of the open edges.

Make: Urban Camoflague iPad Case