Infographic: Batman and the History of the Bat-Suit

created at: 01/10/2012With the possible exception of Superman’s Crayola-colored S-on-the-chest and simple cape/brief strongman combo, the Bat-suit is the most iconic superhero outfit of all time. The mask, the gloves, and most importantly, the utility belt, it walks the line of generically comic book-y and perfectly customized to the Caped Crusader.

Of course, since Batman’s first appearance in 1939, there have been more than thirty-five incarnations of the Bat-suit, from the classic blue-and-grey to the black-and-molded-muscle-vinyl…er, -y.   created at: 01/10/2012

So, movie fan site ScreenRant created an infographic showing off every significant bat-suit in history. “Comic book writer Grant Morrison said it best: ‘[Every bat-suit is] completely different’ – sometimes insanely different – ‘but they’re all instantly recognizable as [the-bat-suit].’ “

See the whole thing in full resolution at ScreenRant