Jan 05, 2012

Dog Sculpture Made from Wonder Bread Plastic Bags

created at: 01/03/2012

Problem: What do you do with the leftover bags from loaves of Wonder Bread? You could throw them away, or you could save them up and make some sweet art. Flickr user Ruby Re-Usable took a whole bunch of bread bags (as well as some tape and bubble wrap) and created this wonderful dog sculpture. I think it's fitting to name him Spot.  

created at: 01/03/2012

See more photos of this and other Wonder Bread Plastic Bag Sculptures on Flickr.



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Harley on Jan 06, 2012:

My aunt Clara did a lot of crocheting, and after she switched from homemade bread to the luxury of buying 'boughten bread', like Wonder Bread, and therefore wound up with a lot of used plastic Wonder Bread bags, she cut the bags into strips and crocheted them into rugs for the entryway of their farmhouse.  The rugs were very washable, but probably not very absorbent for wiping your shoes after coming in from the barn.