Dec 30, 2011

Incredible City Square Collage Photographs

created at: 12/30/2011

Photographer Adam Magyar captures bustling city squares teeming with crowds of people on the move....that don't actually exist. Instead, each work is a composite of photos of individual people, shot from only a few feet about their heads.

created at: 12/30/2011

   He describes the project, "The squares you see are non-existent. Each square is assembled from dozens of photos I took of people from a height of 3 or 4 meters. This distance, or rather, closeness allows me to create extremelely high-resolution images, thus allowing the viewer to survey each person close-up. Yet, observing the image at close range makes it impossible to see it as a whole, while looking at it from a distance results in losing all the details."

created at: 12/30/2011

The best way to view Adam's work is on his website, where you can mouse over each image, and see each individual in full.

"Squares" by Adam Magyar

via Junk Culture


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