Dec 30, 2011

How To: Make an 18-Shot, Ratcheting Triple Barrel Nerf Gun

created at: 12/29/2011

I don't care how old you get...you're never too old for a Nerf gun. Or a squirt gun, but that's different post.

The appeal, of course, is not that it's a gun, where you can work out aggression or make a statement on the person you're shooting, but that it's simply a way to engage your friends or family from across the room. It's like tossing a ball at them, or throwing a grape high in the air for them to catch in their mouth.

And when you're older, then you can do all kinds of fun stuff with 'em, like make this crazy beast.  

created at: 12/29/2011

Instructable-r Britt created this as a gift for his (adult) brother out of three standard issue Nerf guns and bit of easy-to-make custom hardware to hold the whole thing together. And check out that paint job!

18 Shot Nerf Maverick



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Birthday in NYC on Jan 06, 2012:

This may be the most useful post of all time.  I sense that I now have a plan as to what I will be doing this weekend, as the toys of my youth become the obsessions of my Saturday.  This thing looks so freaking amazing!  If this were sold in stores in NYC, crime would greatly decrease as no one would want a real gun any more.  Great post, thanks for sharing!