Dec 29, 2011

How to: Make a DIY Wood Grain Skin for your iPhone (or iPod, iPad, or Laptop)

Hop on the internet, do a quick search or visit any sort of design or art online shop, and you'll most certainly find all sorts of "skins" - that is, safe ways to make clean and sleek gadgets like the iAnything or laptop a bit more personal. What you'll also realize is that a "skin" is just a big vinyl sticker, which means it's completely possible, easy, and not expensive to just make your own.   

All you gotta do is snag a template for your device (just Google it; you'll find one), and then cut the shape out of wood grain contact paper, which you can get at the hardware store.

Then, just bust out your scissors and craft knife, and get to town. Get the full instructions at

Tutorial: DIY iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook skin [One Pearl Button]


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rocket signs on Apr 12, 2012:

I do not want to pounce on anyones nice project- Nice job & looks great!

 Words of caution - contact paper, specifically the adhesive is the worst

crap you can put on an expensive phone, and removal with caustic chems

 can kill your tricorder. Go to a local sign shop and ask for some vinyl

 scraps, if they are 1/2 way decent they will give them to you or small 

change.  thanx