The Done Manifesto: 13 Rules for Maximizing Your Creativity

Perhaps it’s the end of the year, and you’re searching for a resolution of sorts. Maybe you’ve noticed you’re not using your time as well as you used to. Or, most likely, you’re a productive, creative person, and you’re always looking to find the best ways to do what you do best: create.“The Done Manifesto” is a series of maxims that are worth keeping in mind to keep working. Some of them may seem a bit obvious at first, but note this comment from Fast Co.:

the funny thing about realizing a creative vision–whether it’s a startup or a personal project–is that it requires a set of working rules that is almost the opposite of the slow, careful deliberation that typically rules our working lives. Usually, you and I sit in meetings to figure out the best way to do something. That’s because the stakes are higher when you’ve already got a company and a brand to protect. But when you have nothing yet, those stakes go out the window. The most precious thing you have is momentum–the energy that will see your vision through….These maxims are really a super concise and clear way of restating one of the founding tenets of so-called design thinking: The idea of creating prototypes as soon as you can, and failing as fast as possible so you can evolve your way to something great. It isn’t to say that you have to make these failures public. But the failures have to be made and not just thought about. Get it done.

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