Dec 09, 2011

How to: Make Colorful Snowflakes from Trash!

created at: 12/09/2011

The clever Michele of Michele Made Me shows you how to cut these intricate, colorful snowflake, created from something we all have way too much of already...  

Junk mail! It's amazingly thrifty, and looks surprisingly colorful and non-advertisement-like when all sliced up.

Learn more about how it's done at Michele Made Me

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samina on Jan 07, 2012:

wish me a gudd lukk!

samina on Jan 07, 2012:

hi i am 9 my name is samina and i learnt to do this at school and doing sculpture and we had to choose what we want to do like eg. butterfly,radio,postman,reindeer,a trophie with a man on , headphones or a television! and guess what i chose... all of these! i am going to do it only some at home!! cant wait!!