Dec 02, 2011

Scale Models of Neglected Buildings Made From Photographs

created at: 12/01/2011

Growing up in Iowa, I saw countless abandoned barns and shacks along the roadside that were slowly being consumed by nature. The peeling paint, rotting boards and collapsed roofs were oddly…beautiful. This series of small scale models of neglected buildings by Ofra Lapid reminds me of the same type of surreal beauty.  

created at: 12/01/2011

The models in Lapid's series, titled Broken Houses, are actually made from photos of abandoned structures in North Dakota. By reconstructing the buildings in three dimensions, Lapid is able to breathe new life into the haunting images of rural decay.

created at: 12/01/2011

See more photos from Ofra Lapid's "Broken Houses" series


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