Nov 23, 2011

A Very Tasty Seasonal Idea - How to: Make Pickled Cranberries!

I've gone on record on ManMade (multiple times...too many to link) about my love of pickling. Not just kosher dills from a jar, but the act of changing the entire experience of fruits and veggies by treating them with salty, acidic solutions. I especially love "quick pickles" and "fridge pickles," which have all the flavor and brightness, but don't require the dance of sterilization and preservation of process canning.

Over the summer, I pickle everything from peaches to beans and peas, and in the fall, pumpkin, apples, and squash. So, during this unique time of year...why not pickle its seasonal signature - the cranberry?   

Marissa McClellan offers this easy-enough method, combining the classic brightness of vinegar, some sugar for sweetness, and the fall spiciness of cinnamon, clove, allspice, and star anise.

Seriously, I'm making these on Friday after I much all my leftovers, and I think you should join me. What great gifts these would make!

Pickled Cranberries [Serious Eats: In a Pickle]


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