Nov 07, 2011

DIY Furniture: An Awesomely Inspiring How-To Book

created at: 11/06/2011

I don't buy a lot of how-to books these days. It's not that I dislike reading, but rather I tend to go to web for most of my instructional needs. Sometimes, however, I come across a book that looks so amazing that I just need to get it. That's how I felt when I discovered DIY Furniture: A Step-by-Step Guide by Christopher Stuart. It's now at the top of my reading list; I plan on ordering a copy ASAP.

created at: 11/06/2011

The book features 30 designs by top-notch designers that range from interior seating and storage to garden furniture. Best of all, the materials used in all of the projects can easily be found at a local hardware store. No obscure parts that you need to order here!

created at: 11/06/2011

created at: 11/06/2011

The list price of DIY Furniture is $24.95, however Amazon is selling it for $15.17.


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Nina on Nov 08, 2011:

Cool!! :)

Anonymous on Nov 07, 2011:

need it!

Chris on Nov 07, 2011:

Nice! I actually got a review copy of this last week, and it's as great as Martin hopes it would be.