F*ck Yeah Snazzy Bastards: Fashion Inspiration from Seriously Well-Dressed Men

I didn’t plan for it, but somehow, men’s fashion and dress has become quite a popular topic on ManMade. I guess it makes sense – finding affordable ways to dress sharp as a guy is certainly a DIY pursuit. There are the extremes, of course: guys that simply don’t care, and those who just hand their credit card to the guy at the store and say, “Go.” And then there are the rest of us that fall in the middle of the spectrum – we who try to not be schlubs, but not get carried away.

And so, I submit a new Tumblr blog,Fuck Yeah Snazzy Bastards, a collection of photos of, well, snazzy bastards, with the subtitle “Let’s hear it for well dressed gentlemen!” I can’t tell whether it’s intended for women and men who wanna look at good looking guys in suits, or whether its inspiration for guys who wanna dress well, or both and everything in between, but, friends, its a pretty great place for ideas…

…namely, that a dark suit and sunglasses will never steer you wrong.

Some people are famous:

created at: 11/02/2011

others are just good looking: 

But if you’re out to find some ideas, there are much worse places to look.

Fuck Yeah Snazzy Bastards