The Coolest Pumpkins of the Year: Realistic 3D Carvings by Ray Villafane

created at: 10/24/2011

Each Halloween season, I allow myself one ‘cool pumpkin carving’ post. I’ve been collecting ideas all month, and they’ve just been sitting there at the end of my tabs list, hoping to be chosen.

Then, this morning, I saw the work of sculptor Ray Villafane, and I closed them all.


Villafane is a professional sculptor, working in toys, sand, and food, so don’t be too let down if your skills can’t compare.

created at: 10/24/2011

created at: 10/24/2011

Did you see that? It’s like this football playing dude is sweating…

Amazing stuff. Happy Halloween!

Villafane Studios: The Pumpkins