Guy Makes a Skateboard Deck Out of Popsicle Sticks (and You Can Too!)

created at: 10/20/2011

Here’s your DIY interesting fact for the day: popsicle sticks are made from baltic birch. Which is an exceptionally good material for plywood – it’s very strong, holds hardware well, and is the go-to material for around the shop jigs, fixtures, and furniture, as well as hobby projects like model aircraft.

So, what’s an enterprising maker to do? Create a section of laminated, steam-bendable DIY plywood from the craft store staple, perfect for making a longboard skateboard from scratch.

created at: 10/20/2011

Instructable-r nsnip did just that, creating a DIY steam bending rig, and a custom vacuum compressing/clamping using clothing storage bags.

The photos aren’t great, but it’s definitely worth checking out the step-by-step how-to to see how this thing was put together. 

Popsicle Stick Longboard Deck