How to: Make a Woven Wooden Lamp

I love materials. All of them. After all, crafting is about taking some raw material and either cutting it, spreading it, shaping it, or attaching it to something else, right? I especially love when materials take an unlikely shape, like when felt becomes rigid, or wood maleable. Like this woven wooden lamp, which is constructed from actual wood, all balled up and soft. I may never be able to bend plywood at home, but this? This I can do. 

This awesome DIY project from Bookhou for PoppyTalk uses a basic light cord and 3/4″ wood veneer strips, which are intended to finish exposed edges of plywood. You can find it at the hardware store, usually on a little shelf or endcap with the lumber. Weave it up, finish it, plug in in, and go. 

Simple and creative. Go make one!

DIY with Bookhou: Woven Lamp