DIY Idea: Make a Tree Branch Coat Rack

created at: 09/16/2011

It’s been crazy windy in my neighborhood this week. So much so that I’ve had to turn around early from two bike rides, and head outside at sunrise to pick up my recycling from all over the street in my pajamas.

But there’s one good thing about windy weather: all the sticks, branches, and limbs that show up on the sidewalk, ready to be taken home and made into something.   Previously, I’ve shared techniques for making a tree branch iPod dock and magnets, as well as napkin rings and placecard/picture stands. So, the Wolf Den Coat Rack from Cantilever and Press is exactly the kind of thing that gets my DIY heart beating.

“The wolf den coat rack is made from reclaimed lumber, as well as timber and branches sourced from wind-fall and local arborists, ensuring a new life for these limbs that took so much time to grow. Sourcing natural and reclaimed material means that each wolf den coat rack is custom built and is unique to each client.”

For sustainability and quality like this, Cantilever and Press’s price is perfectly reasonable, but for me, it’s great inspiration for a DIY effort. At least it’ll give me something to do with all those sticks in my workspace.

Wolf Den Coat Rack – $245 at Etsy