How to: Make a Modern Industrial Coffee Table

Though its the element that we use the most, and usually the largest, the tabletop isn’t really the tough part when it comes to building DIY furniture. It is, most of the time, something solid and flat, that likely comes from a solid, flat sheetgood product that is then simply cut to size. The challenge is always in the other stuff: the legs, the base, etc. It’s pretty easy to cut and glue wood or acrylic materials. But shaping, bending, and welding metal is a whole ‘nother skill set that’s way bigger than just picking up a circular saw.   So, they trick to making custom furniture to to find something that already exists to use as the base. And this table, which uses the industrial and contemporary looking “wire decking” is among the best ideas I’ve seen.

Go for the plexi top, or swap it out for a painted piece of plywood with the edges exposed for that Eames wire base table look.

See how it’s done at Lowe’s Creative Ideas