Aug 30, 2011

How To: Repair Denim Jeans at Home

created at: 08/30/2011

Denim jeans were invented to be the pants of hard work: durable, long lasting, and flexible. And most of a pair of jeans do last that long; has anyone ever had the part covering your shin or calf shread? But denim does tend to wear along stress points: the knees, the cuffs, the crotch, and the inner thigh.

If you've made a significant investment in a pair that are just worn in these high friction areas, they can be easily repaired at home. Andrew Chen of 3Sixteen and the Self Edge shop shows you how to fix 'em up good as new in this helpful video:

created at: 08/30/2011

   I love that he essentially just recreates the fabric rather than seaming over the hole or using a patch. Genius.


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Chris on Jan 17, 2018:

New Wranglers. Manly, durable, and $10 at Walmart. Lol. Seriously, great skill.

bsg on May 18, 2015:

@Aarrgh This is a fair representation of how to darn fabric. I've done my own version in the past......attempting to copy with my home machine (a 43 year old Elna!) the way I can remember seeing my Grandma darn by hand. She held the garment tightly, with one hand, over a lightbulb to maintain the shape and tension while using a darning needle with her dominant hand. Exactly the way demo'ed here...vertically then horizontally. It works..by hand or machine.

KJ on Jul 26, 2013:

Thank you for finding this!

I followed his directions yesterday on the ancient Kenmore sewing machine I got after my Grandad passed away. It doesn't have the removable part that some personal machines have to make things like sleeves and pant legs easier, but I was able to avoid sewing the leg closed by accident, though moving all the jean fabric around was a bit awkward.

I'm wearing them today and, though the repaired patches feel a little rough under my fingers, they haven't irritated my legs at all. Will do it again with another pair that a hole in the thigh, using slightly darker thread. :D

Chris on Jan 28, 2013:

@Aarrgh - Fair, but if I'm ever in the situation, I have every intention of following the suggestions and steps of this video to try to do this at home on my own, non-industrial, sewing machine, and I suspect a lot of other sew-ers would be willing to as well. As Andrew Chen says, you can always just pick out the DIY effort.

Aarrgh on Jan 27, 2013:

This video isn't about how to repair denim jeans at home. This video is about how to pay a professional with an industrial sewing machine to repair your denim jeans.