How To: Create a Vintage-Inspired, Classic Man Room

I’m betting the psychologists have probably figured this out by now: guys need a space. A special space. A clubhouse, a workshop, a pub, a lounge chair, an office, whatever…men are simply wired to seek a spot for themselves that energizes them.

Of course, moving beyond the way-to-old-to-be-safe-and-most-likely-smelly furniture and the vintage metal signs look isn’t always easy. But that doesn’t mean a man room has to be done up only in the colors of a sports team or feature multiple neon beer signs.    

Jayson Franklin and Morgan Gagne of Manly Vintage walk you through putting together a classic, vintage-inspired man room that’s not cave-y, not cluttered, but thoughtful and relaxing. 

How to Decorate a Man Room [The Art of Manliness]