How to: DIY Painted Guitar Makeover

Most musicians remember their first instrument. If you’re a peer of mine, meaning you bought your first guitar sometime between 1993-1997, from some small local music store, and you honed your chops on grunge and classic rock covers, it was probably an off-brand Stratocaster copy, which was most likely black and had a high chance of being covered with stickers. When I taught guitar lessons when I was in graduate school, I was amused/glad to see that adolescents still basically by the same instruments on their first time out. Many move beyond, but some keep ’em around for prosperity’s sake. I don’t have first electric guitar (sold it to Lance Bowman for a cool $85), but I do still have my first bass, in all its 1995, bright red, Korean-made glory. I’ve been thinking it needs a visual once-over (and replaced, but that’s another conversation), and I’m thinking this glittery redo might just be the thing.

Brookelynn Morris says,

Completely makeover a lackluster guitar with a gleaming glitter finish. Don’t be intimidated to dismantle the pieces of a beater guitar and customize your instrument with a coat of paint.

Add vivid, colorful shine with a gorgeous spray paint from Krylon called Glitter Blast. It is fully saturated sparkle. The paint dries into a pure glitter coating within 20 minutes.

In an afternoon crafting you can bring a garage sale instrument from obscurity to the spotlight.

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