I Went to MoMA and…

created at: 08/02/2011created at: 08/02/2011

There are those museums or destinations that you visit once in your life: see the permanent collection, perhaps a few special exhibits, and say, “Yep, I’m glad I’ve been here.”

And then there are those museums that necessitate multiple visits; you return there every time you’re in a city, or perhaps even maintain a membership if you’re close enough. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is certainly one of the later. You can visit the fourth and fifth floor and never get sick of seeing the actual Matisses and Monets and Jasper Johnses that you know so well from photos, check out the special exhibits, media and design pieces, etc.

It never gets old.

created at: 08/02/2011 created at: 08/02/2011    

 That’s why the MoMA decided to document that special experience, every time you visit. “MoMA isn’t just galleries filled with art, after all. It’s also the experience of art, the diverse and intensely personal experiences people have when they visit…Recently, we started asking ourselves: How could we get our visitors talking to us about those individual experiences? Could we come up with a fun, creative way to enrich the ongoing, two-way conversation between the Museum and the people who are so integral to it? The result is a project we dubbed “I went to MoMA and….”

We decided to ask visitors to “share a story” with us about their day at MoMA, imagining an open-ended guestbook rather than a survey; if the responses were interesting, we’d in turn share them with the larger MoMA community.”

See them all at MoMA.org/Iwent and the I went to MoMA blog

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