Map Paintings by Ingrid Dabinger

Canadian artist Ingrid Dabinger finds playful figures, faces, and scenes inside the natural geography and landscape of maps, and brings them to life as the backdrop for her acrylic paintings.


She says, 

Humans have an insatiable need to find meaning—even from that which is fleeting or random. The more meaning we assign, the more we triangulate our location within ourselves and our communities. The figures found within the lines of the maps illustrate this quest for meaning. The distortions make the images appear to be “in process”— of becoming, enduring, finding, reacting – our thirst for narrative is both quenched and piqued. We all move about on our own maps—in real time and space—as we become, endure, find, react—our life takes shape and we interpret our meaning.

Map Illustrations [Ingrid Dabinger]

via Brain Pickings