Gallery Worthy Harry Potter Art

So, last week, in my epic marathon of singleguyness, and in an attempt to replenish my to-be-read pile, and the Twitterverse exploding about the final film, I decided something, pretty revolutionary for me.

I’m gonna read all the Harry Potter books. For the first time. In order, and fast, so I can then watch the movies, and be up to date with the rest of the Western world. My sweetheart had them all (but the third one, I discovered yesterday), andI was able to score the audiobooks from my local library, and have been reading while home, and listening while doing some long bike rides. (Trail only, one earphone in, just talk, no music. Be safe people.)

And…I like ’em. I can really tell how well she sets up the narrative arc from the beginning, and it’s not just typical fantasty, world-making, good guy/bad guy stuff, which I don’t much dig on.

So, I’m happy to report, this  Gallery Nucleus tribute show is more than just a collection of pretty pictures, but the images actually make sense.

I actually don’t know how it ends, so help me prolong the magic til I’m done in a few weeks. I’m pretty sure Snape ends up as a good guy, though. 

Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition

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