Jul 18, 2011

How to: Make a Bendy Straw Rocket Launcher

Sometimes, the most fun craft projects are just stylish reinterpretations of the stuff you already know about.

'Member how fun it is to (still) shoot your straw wrapper across the table at your significant other, because she's awesome, and doesn't care about stuff like that, and will probably shoot hers back at you? Well, why not apply the same principle, and make a rocket?  

A quick paper cut out, some thread for a blast and a toothpick for structure, and you're good to go. Fun to make with kids, or just make.

Bendy Straw and Paper Rockets


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Hafsa on Oct 14, 2012:



I tried this for the kids but the rocket didn't really fly :S - but we improvised on the thread part - we used short strip of orange and red paper.