Amazing Photographs from Instagram’s Most Popular Users

Instagram is a half iPhone app/half photo sharing way to spice up your mobile phone pics with Lomo-like filters, vintage colors, vignettes, etc. Mostly, at least according to my Twitter feed, people use it to “age” their pictures of their dogs and kids or themselves looking off to the side thirty or forty years, but in the hands of the right people (as with most things), it’s a pretty great artistic tool.

    Mashable is featuring the 15 most followed Instagram users.

Instagram’s top users, as seen below in a photo gallery that highlights their art, are a unique bunch who collectively love to edit their iPhone photos and share them with other photo aficionados. Some have a predilection for the Earlybird filter, most appreciate a smattering of camera effects applications and a few are Instagram-only mobile photographers.

Our gallery excludes MTV (ranked fourth with 52,133 followers), Burberry (ranked eleventh with 45,366 followers), @jack (Jack Dorsey, CEO and founder of Square, ranked twelfth with 44,845 followers) and NPR(ranked thirteenth with 44,242 followers). We decided instead to focus on the everyday Instagram users who have managed to amass impressive followings by the merit of their art alone.

Instagram was not the first iPhone app with camera effects or mobile photo-sharing, nor will it be the last, but it’s certainly representative of a larger iPhoneography movement that is captivating and inspiring mobile users around the world.

Meet the Top 15 Photographers on Instagram