Sitting Still Will Make You Sad. Solution? Move!

Anyone who’s ever met me knows I’m no athlete. I mean, I’m a pretty active cyclist and rock a pretty mean game of kickball, but I have no idea how many pushups I can do, and have never touched a supplement, unless my daily vitamins count.

But, I am a huge believer in not sitting still. I learned long ago that moving around, no matter how little, can make for a whole different day. Stand while you work, take the long way, bounce around a bit while you cook and clean, and walk whenever you can.

In a grumpy mood? In that so-angry-we-can’t-even-talk place with your partner? Move. It’ll change. Seriously. Primer explores the phenomenon:

“You spend eight hours a day sitting in an office. Then, you spend two hours a day sitting in your car on the turnpike. Then, you get home and collapse on the couch in front of the Xbox. You’ve essentially shut off the supply of endorphins and your body is feenin’ for it hard. It’s not natural.

So, before you give up hope, try this:

Make sure you get at least 35 minutes of exercise each day. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous or overly regimented. It could be as simple as playing a game of ultimate frisbee twice a week or prioritizing chores that require some physical activity, such as washing the car, mowing the lawn or organizing boxes in the attic. It’s also important to move around throughout the day. Get away from your desk at least once every few hours, walk around the block or take the stairs before and after lunch. (Watch a Crash Course in Beating the Cubicle Trap for more ideas.)”

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