May 09, 2011

How To: Make a Back Yard Drink Caddy for $2.00

At first, this may seem a little superfluous. But then, one of your buddies gets out the frisbee. And then the neighbor's dog comes to say hello, or someone stumbles in your direction, and your ice cold beverage is all over the ground. Honestly, I think of three times I could/would have used one of these in the last week, even though it's been raining like crazy.

"DepotDevoid" went to the dollar store and snagged a shepherds hooks and pencil cup for a dollar each. A bit of bending, a bit of shapening, some glue, and bam! Drink holder.

At this price, you could easily whip up a dozen or so of these for your parties, work days, camping trips, etc. Bonus points for inventing a outdoor game that uses 'em as well. DrinkcaddyHorseshoeCroquet?

Lawn Party Drink Holder [Instructables]


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Chris on Aug 04, 2011:

Bill, I grew up in Cincinnati, where Cornhole was invented. I know it well. :)

Bill M on Aug 03, 2011:

The game for backyards is called Cornhole.  google it.