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Mar 09, 2011

How To: Sew a Basic Men's Wallet

Integration with smart phone cases be damned, there's a reason that standard wallet design hasn't changed in at least a century.

It can't really be improved upon.

Sure, I imagine that the credit card slots have been standardized, and clear spots for photo IDs are probably a later addition, and, of course, keeping photos in wallets wasn't really an option until those were affordable, but the basic wallet design is here to stay.

So, I guess we should all probably learn how to make one.

I love this design by Anna of Noodlehead. Like a lot of great boy-oriented crafts on the web, this one's by a hip mom making something for her son, but that's no matter. A cool guy sewing project is a cool guy sewing project.

Her basic design is solid, and can easily be customized, as in her use of grommets.

Basic Boys Wallet [Noodlehead]

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i wold like to get the pattern


Thanks so much for passing this along!  I saw the story this morning and whipped up two wallets in under an hour. My old one was falling apart in all manner of ways!

Keep up the great work.

I saw this on homepodge a few days ago - very cool! I really like the fabrics she chose. Tweed ftw!

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