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Jun 26, 2013

Outfitted: The 3-Day Staycation - Look Your Best and Explore Your Own City ( $200 Value Giveaway Inside)

created at: 06/26/2013

In our Outfitted series, we hand-pick the style items and practical accessories you need to look your best in a specific scenario.

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Summertime is the season for getting away and seeing the world. Which, of course, we heartily recommend. But we're equal fans of the staycay: taking a long weekend off work to rest, start on those projects you've been wanting to try, and going on an adventure in your own town. These sorts of special weekends often involve a variety of activities - sleeping in and enjoying breakfast in the morning, running around during the afternoon, and then taking a chance to have a special night out on the town. So, we wanted to provide two scenarios - one for spending the day on the streets, and then transitioning from day-into-night for a special evening out. We teamed up with Lacoste to help celebrate their new men's Noir spray, a contemporary take on a classic aromatic fragrance. Both scenarios stick with a "Noir-ish" black-and-gray scheme, which you can accent with a single pop of color. 

Daytime: Hit the Streets!

Hang out in the morning, then use the afternoon to go explore that part of your town you've been meaning to try out: that new food truck, the record store you keep hearing about, the special exhibit at the museum... If you can, don't just drive - take public transit, or go for a bike ride. Set the day apart. 

created at: 06/26/2013

Shirt: Classic Lacoste Pima Jersey Polo in Black - The standard. Dressier than a t-shirt, but still cool and flexible enough for running about. 

Shorts: Gap Lived-In Flat Front - Slim fit, but long enough so that you don't feel too exposed. My summer standard. 

Belt: Dickie's Military Fabric - A bright pop to accent all the gray and black. The webbing fabric prevents the look from coming off too "golf course."

Sunglasses: Lacoste L683S - Retro-styling that works equally well with a polo and shorts or the suit below. Enter to win a pair along with a bottle of Noir in the contest below. 

Shoes: Converse One Star Oxford - Vintage-inspired styling to match the sunglasses. Wear a pair of no-show stocks if you'll be walking a lot. 

Backpack: Herschel Little America - Styled after classic mountaineering backpacks. Tons of storage space but with a slim profile.

Transition to Nighttime: Out on the Town!

Take advantage of your time off and do something special - see a live performance or show, hit up a more expensive restaurant, and end with a river walk or something outdoor and festive. Go ahead and wear a suit for the evening...just be sure to tell your date it's a dress up sort of night. We're keeping the black polo from the day, and doing a quick switch out of the pants and shoes and adding the jacket. Spray on some Lacoste Noir, and you're off to a special evening.

created at: 06/26/2013

Suit: Express Pinstripe Producer Suit - A cool grey that works year 'round, so it's a great investment piece. You can get the jacket and pants for around $275, so you can invest the money you saved into getting it tailored to fit you perfectly. The grey color will feel light and bright in the summer. 

Shirt: Classic Lacoste Pima Jersey Polo in Black - Works with shorts, works with a suit. No reason to change. 

Pocket Square: Black Sputter Stripe by The Tie Bar - Echoes the black in the shirt to ground the color combo. Since we're going sockless and beltless, this'll bring a little accent to the whole deal. 

Shoes: Banana Republic Foster Dress Loafer Dressy enough, yet supportive and affordable. No socks required.

Wallet: Makr Cordovan iPhone Sleeve - No need to carry your whole wallet. Just grab a credit card, your ID, and a bit of cash, and slip them into this phone case, leaving the rest of the bulk at home. Handmade in Florida.

Fragrance: Lacoste Noir - Smells of, well, a great men's fragrance. What else would you want to smell like? As will all fragrances, a single spray is plenty.  

created at: 06/26/2013 

Giveaway: $200+ Value from Lacoste 

To help you celebrate your staycation and transition from day to night, we're excited to give away a experience-inspired Lacoste Noir package: a 3.3 oz spray bottle of Noir (we're in love with the packaging design) and the L683S sunglasses mentioned above.

To enter, just leave a comment in this post and tell us what you'd love to do on your staycation. Make sure you've enter an active email address, and we'll select a winner at random. The contest is open now, and will run through Sunday, July 7 at 11:59 CST. 

Good luck! We hope you win.


This post was created in partnership with Lacoste. All opinons mine. 



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Thanks everyone. This giveaway is now closed! We'll announce the winner shortly.

Visit the key west, relaxation authentic keylime pie for me and could use some isolation from the snowbirds who will not leave sw florida.

I would finally go check out the Underground Gardens in Fresno. 

Want take a drive down to Santa Cruz and spend it at the boardwalk and then get dinner in Capitola.


I'd spend my staycation taking my baby boy to the pool, BBQ'ing, and lots of laughs with friends and family! Awesome giveaway BTW. I've always wanted a pair of Lacoste's!

I would spend with weekend with my girlfriend, my sister and her husband and two adorable daughters. Take the girls to the zoo and baby sit the girls while letting my sister have a long a waited day out. Although my sister only lives an hour away I hardly see her and I regret neglecting her a lot

For my staycation, I like to do sightseeing in places that I usually don't go often. I live in South Florida and there are always things to do.

I live in Minneapolis and would love to visit all the museums I have never been to here, including the sculpture garden.

For my staycation, I'd make a list of local places I would never usually go to.  Eat at a different restraunt every night, go to some different bars/clubs. Go to attractions I've told visiting friends to go to but never have myself!


I would love to sit out by the lake with some good friends and some cold beer, solving all the worlds problems... or so we think.

I live in Belfast so have the pleasure of a compact city. I'd hit grab a coffee and read for a bit then visit Titanic Belfast (been meaning to for over a year) then to The Spainiard for a pint and see who's about. I can easily spend and afternoon into an evening there

I might head up to horseshoe bay, hit a cafe, watch the ferry come and go a few times, and chill. Take a moment to slow myself and let the other people rushing for the ferry to sweep past me.

I live in the Phoenix area.  I would LOVE to take a 1.5 hr drive north and spend the weekend in Prescott to get out of the neverending heat.  I'd take my new wife out on a nice hike and enjoy one of the local breweries for dinner.  We'd probably check out one of the many festivals they have going on there too.  Gotta love the summer!

Id love to sit on my butt with my little baby, with a kiddie pool to put my feet in, whith the smoker cooking and music and cold beers to boot. Thats all, I am a simple man!

48, divorced, looking for a new job and a new girl. Need some style!

Just moved to the big city of Chi-town. With that said, I'd love to go on a staycation and get to know the city. But of course I can't do that without looking good you've got to help me out.

Sitting at the lake and reading Hemingway with a few friends would be awesome. And of course drinking a few local brew beers as well.

Actually I'm on my staycation so that's a great question. A cool festival is taking place near my city so I'm definitely going to check this out, because there's always something new and you can listen to cool music. Also, there are lectures so it's not only for fun but you can learn something new as well. Basically lots of events are happening now so I want to participate in most of them but we can't forget about our friends so it's important to find some time for them as well.

Let's see, for my staycation, I would love to explore the older parts of my town, the older buildings and historical sites, and then take lunch at a locally owned and locally sourced restaurant before an evenining concert or broadway show at our local performing arts center.

Having more or less just completed a staycation that involved finishing lots of home improvement tasks, I'd probaly do the next one differently. I would take my wife (and probably the dog) on a nice scenic drive to a great bakery/sandwich shop an hour or so down the road. Then we would hit the "big" city for some shopping (or whatever takes our fancy) and finish the night at someplace nice for dinner.

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