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Submissions: We're always interested in promoting new perspectives and unique ideas. If you have some helpful knowledge to share, we’d like to talk to you. We're looking for smart, ingenious people like you to help contribute manly crafts, DIY projects, and design-related content to our site.We pay for accepted original content submissions, and might even ask you to become a regular contributor!

What to Write About?

We’re looking for tutorials and other content that combine craftiness and design originality with a DIY aesthetic. Showing people how to make amazing, attention-getting crafts, meals, and home decor from simple materials is what it's all about.

Your Content Must Fulfill the Following Criteria

  1. Please send in your content for us to review for acceptance. Please note not every tutorial/content will be accepted. We recommend you pitch your concept to get feedback from us, prior to submitting the full content.
  2. Your content must be your original work and not published elsewhere.
  3. You must have a PayPal or Moneybookers account for us to pay you, this fee will be paid within the first week of every new month, following publication.
  4. Your content may be edited prior to publishing.


Always credit your sources. Crediting your sources makes it clear you're not trying to hide anything. It also helps us ensure the originality of your submission.

Use common sense, err on the side of caution. There are no hard and fast rules about copyright. Beware of “rules” like ‘copying 40% is OK’, there’s no such thing. If you think something might not be OK, then trust your gut and don’t do it.

Photography and Source Images

When including photos in your submission:

  • DO NOT use images from Google Image search or simply taken from a website
  • DO NOT use images from Flickr UNLESS they have a Creative Commons License for Commercial Use. In this case you must provide an attribution link back to the Flickr page you found the image on. Note you can find CC Commercial images on Flickr using their Advanced Search feature.
  • DO use images you photographed yourself
  • DO use images from free stock sites like and, BUT make sure you check the agreement for use in files for distribution. Sometimes you need to ask permission from the photographer. We need this because if the image is included in the sample file, we can’t distribute it unless you have permission.

If Your Submission is Accepted

  • You grant a license to our readers to use the knowledge and demonstrated effects shown in the submission in their own projects without reference to yourself, Curbly, LLC or this site. 
  • You grant a license to Curbly, LLC to be the exclusive publisher of the content online. You may republish extracts online – for example on your own site – however, the submission in its entirety should not appear elsewhere. 
  • You consent to the full content, extracts, samples or examples from your submission appearing in other Curbly, LLC sites, products, and services

Guest Blogging

We're huge fans of guest blogging as an opportunity to collaborate, share resources, promote others' works, and to generate good will among the craft and design blogging community. We regularly guest blog elsewhere and host guest bloggers on our site.

Guest blogging can be anywhere from a single post to a regular series. In most cases, guest bloggers will take a week to share original content that shows off their unique perspective and areas of interest. Guest bloggers are typically not paid but are great opportunities to establish connections, share links, and build traffic. If interested in guest blogging, please send an email to [email protected]