Feb 05, 2013

How to Match Your Shirt and Tie: A Cheat Sheet

created at: 02/05/2013

The patterned shirt/patterned tie combo isn't going away anytime soon, and when it's right, it's right. But, matching non-muted colors and patterns isn't always obvious, so be sure to bookmark this helpful cheat sheet.   The men's style experts at J. Crew picked five basic ties - a navy microdot, a black striped knit, a braver chambray floral, a bold black/red strip, and a spring Madras plaid - and show you three shirts that'll work with each pick. While you may or may not pick up any of the exact combos, it's plenty cool and helpful to see what combos are possible.

created at: 02/05/2013

Check it out at J.Crew.com - Cheat Sheet: Raise Your Tie-Q





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