Aug 18, 2011

Pixelated Push Pin Portraits

created at: 12/01/2010

Artist Eric Daigh uses red, black, yellow, and blue push pins to create photo-realistic art portraits. His work really takes advantage of the "realistic far away/geometric up close" phenonomenon that happens with "pixelated" art. I love the variations in distortion that are visible in the above photo.


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Mar 29, 2011

How To: Make Samurai Sword Push Pins!

Using a push pin is sort of a visceral experience - the tack is sharp, and the corkboard is just resistant enough to get a satisfying squish as you impale your document to the wall.

Really...just try it.

So I say, embrace it, and whip up some push pins that resemble something using for serious sticking. You know, like a samurai sword.  

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