Jul 24, 2012

Le Miroir: A Life Story as Told by the Bathroom Mirror [VIDEO]

created at: 07/22/2012


Le Miroir (The Mirror) is a short film by Antoine Tinguely and Laurent Fauchère (credited as Ramon and Pedro) that depicts the life story of a boy growing up into an old man. The unique part of this piece, however, is that the entire story unfolds as the man is standing in front of his bathroom mirror.  

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Jun 24, 2011

5 Tips on how to make a short film

5 tips for making a DIY short film

Sorry I haven't written much in the last few weeks. I was doing a pilot for the New York Television Festival, and it ate all my time like Cookie Monster at the Keebler factory.

That said, I thought I might write a couple DIYs on different aspects of DIYing a pilot which, except for the script, is run the same way a short film is.

So I'll start with a really general overview by offering a few tips and tricks:

1. Start with a good script. Even if the script isn't amazing, make sure it's something you're interested in doing. You'll be putting time and money up, so you should be at least 80% on board with the writing. If you can't find a

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