Apr 25, 2011

Video: Man Unveils Interactive Toothpick Sculpture of San Francisco That Took 35 Years to Create

Ho. Ly. Cow. Thought Catalog reports, "Artist Scott Weaver recently unveiled “Rolling Through the Bay,” a toothpick Rube Goldberg machine of the Bay Area. A product of 35 years of work and over 100,000 toothpicks, the piece can be explored via a number of ball runs that take you through toothpick replicas of Bay Area sights and attractions."

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Apr 12, 2011

Amazing Rube Goldberg Photobooth

created at: 04/12/2011

Q1: In 2011, what's the most inefficient way to take a digital photograph?

A: With a machine that begins with a Polaroid film camera, lots of marbles and dominos, and a 30-second lag time.

Q: In 2011, what's the most awesome way to take a digital photograph?

A: With a machine that begins with a Polaroid film camera, lots of marbles and dominos, and a 30-second lag time!!!!

Pratt grad students Alex Crawford and Austin Nelson built this Rube Goldberg (this thing triggers that thing, etc) photobooth multimedia installation for a class project. A Polaroid camera triggers a row of dominos, invites you to have a seat, and a 30-seconds of simple machines later? Your photo!

Watch the video to see it in action:  

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Mar 09, 2010

The Breakfast Machine Brings PeeWee's Playhouse to Life


With the universal adoration of OkGo's "This Too Shall Pass," March 2010 will forever be the month of the Rube Goldberg machine. So, feast your primed mechanical brains on this - an automatic breakfast machine.

Reminscent of the intro to 1985's Pee Wee's Big Adventure, the machine creates a complete breakfast of fresh-squeezed oj, an omelet, coffee and toast.


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Mar 03, 2010

A Music Video for ManMakers: This Too Shall Pass

created at: 03/03/2010

Thriller...pshaw. That only required yellow contacts and a bunch of dancing. This, my friends, is the most ambitious music video of the last thirty years.

"When OK Go said they were building a giant Rube Goldberg machine for the new video for 'This Too Shall Pass,' we knew they would have one heck of a surprise in store. Still, the new clip, which debuted Monday evening, went beyond our already lofty expectations. Beginning with a simple toy truck running into dominoes, the nearly four-minute chain reaction is, to put it plainly, astonishingly complex and incredibly fun. "

Pay attention: there's no editing here, at least

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