Jun 05, 2012

Delicious Deep Fried Gadgets

Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves teamed up with food stylist Caitlin Levin to create Deep Fried Gadgets, a series of photos of, um, deep fried gadgets.  

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Apr 15, 2011

The Best Game Boy Music...Ever

created at: 04/15/2011

In the early and mid-00s, when those of us who grew up in the 80s broke out of their teens, there was a mini-movement of 'chip-tune' music: original compositions created for the 8- and 16-bit syntheizers that provided the soundtracks for the computer and video games of our youth. It was fun, and it was interesting, and now, geek music is going in other directions.

Like, this brilliant video. Sure, it's clever, but it doesn't play like a novelty. It's fun, it's catchy, and you'll probably be dancing in front of your computer.

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