Oct 16, 2013

A Sleek and Masculine iPhone Fold Wallet

Sleek and masculine iPhone Wallet

Take your calls and text in style. This take on the phone case/wallet combo is perfect to protect your (inseparable?) companion and look pretty sharp in the process.

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Sep 23, 2013

How to: Make a DIY No-Sew Felt Storage Box

created at: 09/23/2013

I'm not a one-project-at-a-time sort of craftsman. I'm a start-it-while-you're-motivated, then-put-it-away-while-you-refine-it-and-start-something-else kinda guy. 

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Jun 04, 2013

A Felted TV Dinner

created at: 06/04/2013

Fiber artist LeBrie Rich created this fantastic vintage-inspired "TV dinner," complete with a rabbit-eared television, a nostalgic Hamm's beer, and a wooly turkey dinner.    

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Jan 06, 2011

Don't Shave Postcards and Softie Beards

created at: 01/06/2011

Perhaps you know someone planning to grow some epic facial hair in 2011. Or maybe you yourself need a bit of encourage to keep your hands off that Mach-3. Or, maybe you're a long time beard haver who just want to spread the gospel of whiskers.

Whatever the situation, you need to nab some of these "Don't Shave" postcards from Etsy seller I Made You a Beard. They're hand printed using vintage wooden letterpress type, and come on a nice rustic recycled kraft paper cardstock.

I Made You a Beard also sells these awesome felt and yarn options:

created at: 01/06/2011    

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Oct 28, 2010

How To: Make Needle Felted Eyeballs

created at: 09/21/2010

created at: 10/28/2010

Sometimes, folks can get a little carried away with the gross realism of Halloween, and we need a softer, yet not cute, tongue-in-cheekly frightful craft project to do while drinking cider and watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

These needle-felted eyeballs fit the bill perfectly. Scary (cause they're eyeballs), fun (cause they're made of felt), and awesome (cause you did it yourself).

created at: 10/28/2010  

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Oct 18, 2010

How To: Make Zombie Felties!

created at: 10/18/2010

Just in time for Halloween, Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate offer Zombie Felties:How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead . It's an awesome collection of scary, disgusting softies makeable with minimum sewing skills.

created at: 10/18/2010

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Sep 15, 2010

A Plush iMac

created at: 09/15/2010

Textile artist Kerry Hughes created this one-off fully plush iMac, complete with Logic Pro screen, wireless Mighty Mouse, and keyboard.

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Aug 19, 2010

Needle-Felted Explosives: They're the Bomb!

created at: 08/19/2010

We can't think of anything better than scary things rendered into softy form. Flickr user Kerstin made these needle felted plushies in the form of a stick of dynamite and a bomb. We're especially digging on the colored roving used to indicate eminent explosion.

created at: 08/19/2010


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Jan 13, 2010

Felted Nintendo Nostalgia

There's all sorts of geek crafts floating around the blogosphere, but for some reason, these by Sehr Patola stand out amongst 'em. Perhaps it's that the gray matches 1980s Japanese plastic perfectly. Perhaps its the perfectly resourced buttons that make the scale spot-on. But, I'm pretty sure it's that tiny little LED bead on the Gameboy.


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