Mar 02, 2017

David's Shop Upgrade on a Budget: How to Build Affordable Shop Cabinets

Laying Out the Cabinet PiecesIt's time to actually build something for the shop upgrade. First up, we take a look at how to build wall cabinets from scratch (sheet goods at least).

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Sep 01, 2016

How to: Build Shop Cabinet Doors on the Cheap

Half Lap JointsThere are plenty of shelves in my shop that need doors to keep out the dust, and to keep the look of the shop more streamlined. These cheap doors are made from 2.5" pine boards and affordable 1/4" plywood. They still look great and function well, and they have enough heft to feel strong in your hand.  

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Oct 27, 2015

David's Shop Upgrade: Building a Custom Tool Island and (Finally!) Cleaning Up...

Tool IslandA few months ago, I completely destroyed my shop. I pulled everything off the wall, tools off the countertops, and it just . . . imploded. My workshop need an upgrade and it's true - you need to break it before you can fix it.  

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Sep 10, 2015

Yes, You Need a Dust Collector in Your Workshop. Here's How to Get Started.

created at: 09/10/2015

You spend so much time in your shop, isn't it about time to spend a little time on it? Here's a solid upgrade that will get you breathing easier while out there making cuts.  

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Aug 05, 2015

Skill Builder: How to Lay Out a Woodworking Project in SketchUp

Cabinet LayoutSketchUp is a great program for getting a project started. From the 3D visualization, all the way down to generating cut lists here's an overview on how it works for us woodworkers.  

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Jul 29, 2015

David's Shop Upgrade on a Budget: Step 2 - Breaking it into Phases

Before Pic of WorkshopI'm finally re-vamping my cluttered, dark, dis-organized shop on a budget. Big projects need to be broken into manageable pieces. Here's the process I'm going through to make sure my budget shop upgrade comes together right.  
I've been thinking about my shop upgrades for a while now. I've sketched, measured, dreamed, and worried about it for years, and now that I'm actually starting the build it's time to break it into pieces manageable enough to get done without going bonkers.  My uncle told me a few months ago "make sure you design it for when you're in the middle of a project, not for when everything is all neat and tidy." That's

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Jul 15, 2015

David's Shop Upgrade on a Budget: Step 1 – The Master Plan

Cluttered ShopI’ve been working in my shop several days a week for a few years now, and it shows. When it’s polished up, it’s useable, but the whole thing seems to unravel into chaos within minutes of starting a project. The main problem, as in most things in life, is a lack of organization. I tell my kids daily that “every toy has to have a home”, but I have a lot of orphan tools in my shop that simply occupy the nearest shelf.  

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