Jun 28, 2012

Fun Fact of the Day: Mister Rogers' Mom Knitted All of His Cardigans

created at: 06/28/2012

As if the guy couldn't be more endearing, here's something to warm your crafty heart: Mister Rogers' famed cardigans, which he pulled out of the closet to start each episode, were all knitted by hand...by his mom.  

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Jun 01, 2012

The Bottle of Wits: "The Princess Bride" Wine Packaging Design

There's nothing like one of your favorite things from childhood (The Princess Bride) joining hands with something you love as an adult (great design) for the purpose of something you like plenty (wine) at something you strive to support (independent movie theaters).

Enter The Bottle of Wits, which is each of those beloved things, and probably more.  

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Dec 02, 2011

The 5 Best Toys of All Time

Many of the best memories of childhood are remebrances of play, and the wonderful things that the imagination can dream up. In that spirit, Wired has assembled their top five toys of all time...

...none of which you can actually buy at a toy store.  

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Aug 19, 2011

Rock, Paper, Scissors: 2011 Style

A few years ago, the classic three-gesture selection game got a five-part update in the form of "Rock, Paper Scissors, Lizard, Spock." The geeks had a heyday (including this famous little tyke explaining the updated relationships), and then we went back to the regular old kind for all sorts of tasks: deciding who has to go pick up that one grocery store item you forgot, or winning national touraments.

Illustrator Christoph Niemann has decided to give the random-selection tradition a contemporary update, to reflect the current mire of political conversations in the US.


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May 03, 2011

Remember How Awesome and Weird It Was to Be a Kid?

Sara from The Spotted Fox highlights these amazing photos from the 1977 book The Family of Children. She remarks, quite thoughtfully, "They remind me how weird it was to be a kid. When you’re that young, the world seems utterly bizarre and so you act accordingly."

I couldn't agree more. And the photos are amazing.  

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